Last of Us Part II multiplayer

The Last Of Us Part II Multiplayer Coming “When It’s Ready”

Naughty Dog has had a long and prosperous time in the gaming industry, with their latest project, The Last of Us Part II, having brought great success for the developer….

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Ellie Statue

The Last Of Us Part II Ellie Statue Highlights New Merch Line

Sony has found much success for their PlayStation platforms, largely owing thanks to their big exclusive first-party game franchises. One of their biggest crown jewels at the moment is The…

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The Last of Us 3 plot

The Last Of Us 3 Plot Has Already Been Outlined

Naughty Dog seems to be at the top of their game, so to speak, in the gaming industry and wider media landscape. Their release of The Last of Us Part…

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The Game Awards 2020

The Game Awards 2020: All The Winners Revealed (VIDEO)

The Game Awards are upon us once again and the year 2020 has present no end of tough competition with quite a few games thriving under the worldwide pandemic. With…

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The Game Awards 2020 Nominees

The Game Awards 2020 Nominees Revealed (VIDEO)

As the year begins to draw to a close, it must mean that awards season is growing ever closer. That said, Geoff Keighley has officially revealed who the nominees are…

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PlayStation 5 Accessibility

PlayStation 5 Accessibility Settings Revealed

In just ten short days, Sony enters the next generation of video game consoles with the launch of their PlayStation 5. Gamers are eager to get their hands on the…

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Gayming Magazine

Gayming Magazine First LGBTQ+ Gaming Awards Show

As video games have become more and more accepted as an artistic medium worthy of critical acclaim and mainstream acceptance, the award show format of celebration has become increasingly adopted…

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Last of us tabletop

The Last Of Us Tabletop Game Announced By CMON

As video game franchises continue to grow in popularity, expansion into other forms of media continues these series’ reach. One form that games are commonly adapted is tabletop gaming, an…

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Last Of Us Producer

The Last Of Us Producer Believes HBO Series Will Enhance The Games

With only two games currently in the franchise, The Last of Us has become one of the most popular video game series across the entire medium. The first game is…

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Metacritic user score review

Metacritic Implements Waiting Period For Player-Reviewed Games

Over the past few years, quite a few games have been on the receiving end of internet fan ire, with review bombing becoming an increasingly go-to method to express dissatisfaction…

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