Naughty Dog Teases New ‘The Last of Us Part II’ Content for Outbreak Day 2018

The Last of Us Part II Outbreak Day 2018

Outbreak Day 2018 approaches quickly, and Naughty Dog has updated their website accordingly. The annual The Last of Us celebration day arrives in four days, with a countdown clock building anticipation. Fans eagerly await new content for The Last of Us Part II, with many dreaming of a launch date reveal. Naughty Dog offered a short tease on their Twitter yesterday.

If you aren’t familiar, Outbreak Day is essentially a The Last of Us-themed Christmas with Naughty Dog playing Santa. Every year, the dev team thanks their fanbase by releasing new items, content, and special promotions. The “holiday” takes place every September 26 in commemoration of some in-game lore. That date marks the moment when the cordyceps fungus hit critical mass and changed the world forever.

At present, four sections are marked as “To Be Revealed” on the game’s website. The site does show off a The Last of Us Part II PlayStation 4 theme, featuring Ellie stalking the woods with a rifle. Also available on the 26th are eight avatars, all taken from the game’s second trailer or E3 showcase. There’s still no sign of Joel on the page, but he’s certain to make an appearance sometime soon.

Naughty Dog has preserved previous Outbreak Day content on their website. Five years of The Last of Us content can be yours if you scroll down to the bottom of the page. Last year, the team offered a poster, a t-shirt, and a different The Last of Us Part II PS4 theme. Based on the number of blurred sections, it appears Naughty Dog will offer more content this year.

Of course, the dream scenario involves a launch date for highly anticipated sequel. Rumors grew that the game would drop this year, but Naughty Dog has neither confirmed nor denied. As we near the end of September, a 2018 launch grows less and less likely. However, perhaps we’ll get an early Christmas present this Outbreak Day and know when Naughty Dog can take our money.

We will keep you updated on Outbreak Day 2018 as Naughty Dog reveals more The Last of Us Part II content. To stay up to speed, be sure to follow DFTG on Facebook and Twitter!

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