Naughty Dog Celebrates ‘The Last of Us’ Outbreak Day With New Goodies

Outbreak Day

One of the biggest surprises for PlayStation fans this year was the announcement of The Last of Us 2. The original game was one of the most critically praised games of the last generation, and the remastered version for PS4 has kept interest in the game for current-gen audiences. Fans of the series are eagerly awaiting the sequel, even though very little has been revealed about the story or gameplay involved with the project. Now, several new physical and digital items are available to keep players excited for The Last Of Us 2, on the advent of the Annual Outbreak Day, September 26th.

NaughtyDog and Sony have partnered up for this clever promotion and have announced the full details on the official PlayStation blog. The in-game Last Of Us universe holds September 26th as a very dark day, as it was the day when the infection that turns people into monsters hit critical mass in Joel and Ellie’s world. With 2017 reaching that fateful date, NaughtyDog felt it appropriate to promote the upcoming sequel and celebrate the excited reactions from fans to The Last of Us 2’s announcement. As such, new goodies are available for purchase and download as a part of the festivities.

A new poster has been designed by Kevin Tong and Mondo, depicting an arm gripping a hammer over the woods seen in the game’s trailer, and is available for purchase on MondoTees. There is also a The Last of Us 2 shirt available now in the PlayStation Gear Store and a new Last of Us 2 theme available in the PlayStation store for download. Hopefully these items will keep fans satiated until the next trailer for the game, and that our world is not hit with an Outbreak Day of our own. What do you guys think about the celebrations for the Annual Outbreak Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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