Telltale Games Announces Stranger Things Series And Netflix Partnership

Stranger Things Telltale Games

Netflix’s massive influence in the world of entertainment cannot be denied, especially with its megahit Stranger Things. Like many massively popular media properties, Netflix has not been shy with bringing the retro-inspired series to media platforms outside of its streaming service. Telltale Games has announced a new Stranger Things Telltale series, which will be a crucial piece of their new partnership with Netflix.

Stranger Things has already delved into the world of video games in fairly small capacities so far, such as a mobile game and a PS VR experience, but now it looks like the megahit will finally have a true traditional console game of its own. TechRadar reported on the new Telltale Games Netflix partnership and all that has been confirmed for it to entail. Netflix has confirmed that Telltale Games will begin the partnership by developing a new game series based on the original Netflix program, Stranger Things.

This new game series will reportedly release for video game consoles and PC like previous Telltale Games entries. It has been hinted by Netflix, especially with a new Manager of Interactive Licensing job posting on their company website, that the licensing of their original shows to video game adaptations may only become more frequent in the future.

The partnership will also be bringing Telltale’s Minecraft Story Mode to Netflix as an interactive series. Netflix has already dabbled in interactive shows for kids, including their Puss in Book: Trapped in an Epic Tale and Buddy Thunderstruck: The Maybe Pile series. Given the relatively simplicity of the Telltale series, Netflix should be able to adapt the series based on the popular gaming franchise for anything that can run Netflix, including smart TVs.

This is being considered as more of an interactive viewing experience by Netflix, so do not expect complex games to be a part of the subscription service any time soon. Still, this is certainly a genius partnership, and it will be quite interesting the see the strange things that come out of this deal in the future.

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