Resident Evil 2 Remake’s Gameplay Demo At E3 2018 – Expect The Unexpected (VIDEO)

resident evil 2

Resident Evil 2 is easily one of the most iconic titles in the franchise. Older fans may have fond memories of late nights (with the lights on) navigating the zombie-ridden Racoon City. With Sony announcing a remake from Capcom fans may feel a mix of elation and apprehension, wondering exactly what to expect. A live demonstration given at E3 2018 shows fans that this title may be the perfect blend of old and new.

PlayStation’s social media director Sid Shuman sat down with Capcom developers to check out a few minutes of gameplay and discuss what the team is bringing. The first things fans will notice are the updated graphics as we step into the familiarity of Racoon City P.D. all over again. As the game progresses we discover that things are familiar yet slightly different – a feature the team did deliberately. Check out the video yourself below:

The team brought a lot of fresh elements to Resident Evil 2 as well. There are areas that feature a few different touches. Rooms may have a few different things in them, the zombies are definitely harder to battle, and new areas have been added as well. According to the Capcom team, they wanted fans to step into a game they know and love, with new and unexpected challenges to face.

The game now features an over the shoulder camera, similar to Resident Evil 4 that detracts from the fixed cameras of the original title. There are less shooting elements to RE 2 over RE 4 as the team focused on the survival and puzzle aspects of the game that fans remember from yesteryear. The camera offers some intense and disorienting encounters with zombies, bringing players right into the action.

resident evil 2

The Resident Evil 2 remake will feature Leon Kennedy and Claire Redfield with fully playable campaigns that will have crossovers in the story, but will be uniquely their own. They are also bringing in fortification elements to the game where players can blockade doors or windows. With some gruesome visuals brought on by the Resident Evil 7 engine, moments where fans may be expecting one surprise become moments of something much more terrifying.

The team remaking RE 2 has put a lot of love and thought into this title. With a focus on making it enjoyable for longtime fans of the series by balancing nostalgia with new features and updates to draw in new fans, this title is definitely one gamers won’t want to miss. Resident Evil 2 is expected on January 25th, 2019 and has been announced for PlayStation 4.

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