Super Mario Odyssey Co-op

Super Mario Odyssey Co-op Gameplay Details Revealed (VIDEO)

In less than a week, Nintendo fans will experience Mario’s new adventures outside of the Mushroom Kingdom in Super Mario Odyssey. This new core title in the Super Mario series…

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Super Mario Run Update

New Super Mario Run Update Adds Playable Princess Daisy, New World, and More

It has been almost a year since Nintendo released the first official Super Mario game on mobile devices, Super Mario Run. While the title certainly generated a hefty amount of…

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Super Mario Odyssey Luncheon Kingdom

New Super Mario Odyssey Luncheon Kingdom Footage Shown at Gamescom 2017 (VIDEO)

The Nintendo Switch has already had a stellar year thus far, launching in March alongside the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild with Mario Kart 8…

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Super Mario Creator

Super Mario Creator “Not Interested” in Remaking Previous Titles

While some developers have been giving their games makeovers and re-releases, there is one franchise that will likely never see a remake return to its classic roots. Super Mario creator…

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Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto Was Initially "Worried" About Super Mario Odyssey

Mario Creator Shigeru Miyamoto Was Initially “Worried” About Super Mario Odyssey

Super Mario Odyssey will be hopping over to the Nintendo Switch later this year, and its spectacular appearance at this year’s E3 only made the October 27 release date seem…

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Zelda Alums awaiting Fan Feedback

Zelda Bosses Miyamoto and Aonuma Discuss How Fan Feedback Helped Shape Breath Of The Wild

Fan feedback has always been an important part of developing video games.  Whether it be for a brand new studio working on their first IP, or for a massive developer…

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Shigeru Miyamoto

Shigeru Miyamoto Expresses Regret About Minecraft (VIDEO)

Shigeru Miyamoto recently sat down with Glixel for an interview, where he discussed things such as Mario, working together with the same group of people for over 30 years, and…

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