Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Game Details Revealed

While Kingdom Hearts originally started as a spin-off of sorts from Square Enix’s flagship Final Fantasy series, it has become a major tentpole franchise for Square Enix in its own…

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Alien: Blackout

Alien: Blackout Officially Announced, Stars Amanda Ripley

Many of you may have noticed the recent teasers that were hinting at a new game based on a certain hit horror film franchise. That said, Alien: Blackout has officially…

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Command and Conquer

Command And Conquer Mobile Game Announced At E3 2018 (VIDEO)

Command and Conquer is back! EA announced the return of the real time strategy game in a way most of us weren’t expecting, for mobile. Believe it or not, it’s…

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ARK Survival Evolved Mobile

ARK Survival Evolved Mobile Game Announced As Free-to-Play (VIDEO)

Fans of the dino survival game can now build and tame on the go with a new ARK Survival Evolved mobile game. Players will be able to explore the isolated…

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Second Pokemon Go

Pokemon GO’s Community Day Starts Today, Here’s What You Need To Know

With Pokemon GO continuing after its first year of availability on mobile, it seems that Niantic has made a greater effort of supporting the game with several events to keep…

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Marvel Mobile Game

New Multiplayer Marvel Mobile Game Officially Announced

Now that the Walt Disney Company acquisition of Marvel Entertainment is nearing a decade since the agreement began, the now parent company is having a greater ability to safely start…

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RuneScape Mobile

RuneScape Coming Soon to Mobile – Will Feature Seamless Cross-Play With PC

RuneScape is one of those games that tends to drop from a person’s memory for a time, only for them to think about it later and say, “That game is…

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FF Brave Exvius Anniversary

Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius Anniversary Celebration Features New Content, Free Loot, and More

The last time mobile game Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius made headlines, it was to announce a collaborative effort between publisher Square Enix and pop singer Ariana Grande earlier this year,…

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Blizzard new mobile game

Recent Job Opening Suggests That Blizzard is Developing a New Mobile Game

With cell phones, tablets, and even the Nintendo Switch providing gamers with more ways than ever to play on the run, there’s no denying that mobile gaming has become quite popular….

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Office Space

Office Space Mobile Game has Finally Arrived for IOS and Android 18 Years After the Film

18 years after its release, the cult classic film Office Space is finally getting the mobile game treatment. Titled Office Space: Idle Profits, this little title allows the player to…

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