Command And Conquer Mobile Game Announced At E3 2018 (VIDEO)

Command and Conquer

Command and Conquer is back! EA announced the return of the real time strategy game in a way most of us weren’t expecting, for mobile. Believe it or not, it’s definitely happening. They even released a trailer and unveiled gameplay!

The first franchise entry since 2012’s Tiberium alliances, Command and Conquer: Rivals is a free-to-play 1v1 combat game. The objective of the game is to use units to occupy 2 of 3 control points located on the map. This will allow one to control and launch a nuclear missile (located at the center of the map) at their enemy’s base. It takes 2 missiles to destroy your enemy’s base, thus winning the game. Pretty simple, right? You can choose between the GDI or The Brotherhood of Nod. Check out the trailer for yourself below:

Gameplay for Command and Conquer: Rivals also debuted today during the EA Play press conference in Los Angeles. The game was awkwardly showcased live in a duel between players InControl and NickAtNyte. In addition to the simplified strategy gameplay, the game offers a resource system that players can use to buy new units and upgrades. Basically, it plays out similar to Clash Royale. You can check it out in the video below:

While EA has yet to announce an official release date (the game is slated for Android and iOS later this year), a pre-alpha version is available for Android users as of today. I guess they decided to go along with this rather than the canceled Command & Conquer free-to-play PC game?

So, what do you think? Will you be registering for that pre-alpha, or would you rather not? Sign off in the comments section below, or over on our Facebook page. As always, don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for all of your E3 2018 updates! Looking for more gaming goodness? We’ve got you covered:


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