Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road Game Details Revealed

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

While Kingdom Hearts originally started as a spin-off of sorts from Square Enix’s flagship Final Fantasy series, it has become a major tentpole franchise for Square Enix in its own right. Just recently, Square Enix celebrated the first anniversary of the release of Kingdom Hearts 3 by releasing a new Re:Mind DLC expansion for the game. Still, many have wondered what is next planned for the series, and if storylines such as young Xehanort and Eraqus might ever be the focus of a game. Well, it seems that this will actually be the case with the upcoming new mobile game, Kingdom Hearts Dark Road.

Square Enix recently revealed new details about the new mobile game in a new letter from the dev team posted on the franchise’s official website. Dark Road will be released as a separate game within the Kingdom Hearts Union X mobile game that players have already been enjoying for years now. Players will not need to have already played Union X to play Dark Road, but players that link together their data from Union X will be able to earn cards in Dark Road based on how full their medal album in Union X is.

Kingdom Hearts Dark Road will focus on the early days of Xehanort and Eraqus, as they were hinted at in KH3 during flashback scenes. The game seems to utilize a similar art and gameplay style as Union X, but it will feature in-app purchases. The game looks like it will tell an interesting piece of lore never explored before, and hopefully it makes series fans feel simple and clean while they wait for the next entry for the series to come to consoles.

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