Next Mass Effect

Next Mass Effect Game Teased With New N7 Day Poster

Following the immensely well-received release of the remastered Legendary Edition trilogy, BioWare looks to have plenty of Mass Effect plans waiting in the wings, including an all-new adventure connecting back…

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Pixar's Lightyear Mass Effect

Pixar’s Lightyear Trailer Has Major Mass Effect Vibes (VIDEO)

Though the Toy Stoy series reached its finale in 2019’s Toy Story 4, the Disney Pixar saga is now preparing to launch “to infinity and beyond” with a unique spin-off…

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Mass Effect 3 Ending Originally Included The 'Reaper Queen'

Mass Effect 3 Ending Originally Included The ‘Reaper Queen’

Despite having released almost a decade ago, the ending of Mass Effect 3 always becomes a hotly debated topic whenever BioWare announces something new to the franchise, pulling the fan…

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Mass Effect Austin Powers

Mass Effect Austin Powers Fan Video Shows A Shagadelic Shepard

For fourteen years now, the Mass Effects series has endeared itself with many video game fans and that energy has been renewed over the past year with the announcement of…

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Mass Effect Among Us

Mass Effect Among Us Mod Makes Reapers Massively Sus (VIDEO)

While the series had been dormant for quite a few years, the Mass Effect series seems to be making a comeback in full force. Earlier this year, fans got to…

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Next Mass Effect Might Use Unreal Engine, Not Frostbite

Next Mass Effect Might Use Unreal Engine, Not Frostbite

With the new generation of gaming hardware being here, gamers are looking forward to new entries in their favorite gaming franchises. One such franchise that its fans have been longing…

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Sales 'Well Above' EA's Expectations

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Sales ‘Well Above’ EA’s Expectations

BioWare managed to pull off what many consider to be a ‘perfect remaster’ with Mass Effect Legendary Edition, with the developer’s efforts being notably prevalent throughout the entire remastered trilogy….

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition Conrad Verner

Mass Effect Legendary Edition Mod Fixes Conrad Verner Glitch (VIDEO)

BioWare’s premiere space opera saga was the subject of a particularly well-received remaster in Mass Effect Legendary Edition, offering the most definitive experience yet for the epic RPG trilogy. Though…

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Mass Effect Legendary Edition first

Mass Effect Legendary Edition First-Person Mod Released

The video game industry has many beloved franchises, among which the Mass Effect franchise may have one of the most passionate fanbases out there. Mass Effect fans have rallied hard…

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Mass Effect

Mass Effect Director Talks Bringing Franchise To TV, Scrapped Movie

With the variety of expansive worlds in gaming franchises these days, it’s no surprise producers are keen to tap them for television and film. Just as Borderlands and the Dungeons…

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