Marvel's Avengers PS5 Irion Man

Marvel’s Avengers Will Be Free To Upgrade To PS5, Xbox Series X

Considering the game’s incredible delay, it seems like ages since Marvel’s Avengers has received a proper showing. Though the game sports a lovely roster of Marvel’s most mighty heroes (including…

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Marvel's Avengers Square Enix

Square Enix Details How Marvel’s Avengers Will Be More Accessible, Inclusive

The heroes of the Marvel universe have represented nearly every corner of humanity, with numerous stories aiming to tell its heroic tales for most anyone who picks up a comic…

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Avengers Marvel's Avengers Delayed

Marvel’s Avengers Delayed, “Will Be Worth The Wait” Says Studio

Now that 2020 is finally upon us, quite a few anticipated games have finally made their way over the horizon and are within sight of release. One of the biggest…

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Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers Details Customization, Missions In New Overview Trailer (VIDEO)

With plenty of time to go before Marvel’s Avengers arrives for players to enjoy, there is still much to learn about the highly anticipated title. That said, a recent overview…

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Marvel's Avengers Trailer Reveals Kamala Khan's 'Ms. Marvel' Outfit (VIDEO)

Marvel’s Avengers Trailer Reveals Kamala Khan’s ‘Ms. Marvel’ Outfit (VIDEO)

There’s a lot of great stuff in store for fans of Marvel Comics hero Ms. Marvel. After Carol Danvers started going by Captain Marvel and passed the torch to teenage…

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Marvel's Avengers

Marvel’s Avengers Dev Reveals Which Character Was The Hardest To Work On

A lot of hype has been surrounding the upcoming Avengers game from Square Enix, Crystal Dynamics, and more, especially from those hoping it can capture the same magic Insomniac did…

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Marvel's Avengers Dev Explains Why Ms. Marvel Is The Game's Best Melee Character

Marvel’s Avengers Dev Explains Why Ms. Marvel Is The Game’s Best Melee Character

Late last week, Square Enix announced that Kamala Khan – AKA Ms. Marvel – was not only the sixth playable character in Marvel’s Avengers, but also the focal point of…

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Marvel's Avengers "Earth's Mightiest Edition" Revealed

Marvel’s Avengers “Earth’s Mightiest Edition” Revealed

New York Comic Con has been quite the thrilling event for those that have been looking forward to Square Enix’s Marvel’s Avengers game. The Japanese publisher took to the stage…

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Marvel's Avengers Stark Tech Suits Revealed

Marvel’s Avengers Stark Tech Suits Revealed

Yesterday proved to be quite exciting for those looking forward to Crystal Dynamics’ Marvel’s Avengers game. At New York Comic Con, publisher Square Enix unveiled brand new footage of the…

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Marvel's Avengers Adds Kamala Khan To The Game's Roster (VIDEO)

Marvel’s Avengers Adds Kamala Khan To The Game’s Roster (VIDEO)

It appears that Crystal Dynamics’ upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game is going play out a bit differently than we expected. We already knew that the events of A-Day would (seemingly) kill…

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