Magic the Gathering

Magic: The Gathering’s Throne Of Eldraine Brings New Brawl Decks, Booster Types, And More

2019 has been a great year for Magic: The Gathering players, with expansions bringing in totally new ways to play with cards featuring some incredible art. Next up on the…

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Magic The Gathering Netflix Series Coming From Avengers Endgame Directors

Magic The Gathering Netflix Series Coming From Avengers Endgame Directors

Magic the Gathering is already a medium that many people rock to this day, the fantasy-based card game having been one of the more popular tabletop institutions since its origins…

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Magic The Gathering: War Of The Spark Trailer Reveals Planeswalker Set (VIDEO)

Magic Pro League’s Mythic Invitational is currently taking place from March 28th to the 31st, with 64 players competing for a prize pool of 1 million dollars. Throughout the duration…

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Magic The Gathering’s Coveted Black Lotus Sells For Over $160K

Since the early days of Magic the Gathering, the Black Lotus card has been a sought after part of the franchise. Over time as it became more and more valuable,…

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Dragons Miniatures

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Get The Magic The Gathering Treatment With New Set

With the release of the Guildmaster’s Guide to Ravnica, fans will be excited to hear that WizKids is releasing a new set of Dungeons & Dragons miniatures based on the…

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Dungeons & Dragons Magic

Dungeons & Dragons And Magic The Gathering Crossover Guide Announced For 2018

Outside of video gaming, it is hard to think of any non-digital forms of gaming more synonymous with geek culture than Dungeons & Dragons and Magic The Gathering. Dungeons &…

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Plane Shift Article

‘Dungeons & Dragons’ Crosses With ‘Magic: The Gathering’ In Glorious Fashion

Like clockwork, the latest edition of Wizards of the Coast Dragon+ magazine came out earlier this week. The magazine is loaded with exciting news about D&D and this edition reveals a new…

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New Magic the Gathering Digital Card Game Revealed, Details for the Closed Beta Here (VIDEO)

The creators of the classic Magic: The Gathering (MTG) has announced that a new digital card game will be releasing in the near future. During a livestream event, Wizards of…

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