Magic The Gathering Reveals Crossover With The Walking Dead

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Wizards of the Coast revealed brand new cards as a collaboration between Magic the Gathering and the award-winning TV series The Walking Dead. The limited edition set launches early next month  to celebrate the premiere of The Walking Dead: World Beyond.

The Walking Dead and Secret Lair collaboration was revealed earlier this month and the team is finally unveiling the iconic characters that will appear as premium cards. As a limited edition release, pre-orders are only available for a short time only. Magic the Gathering players can jump on the pre-order purchase window between October 4th and October 12th. After that, they’re gone. Check out a couple cards that Wizards of the Coast and team (THR, GameSpot) have revealed so far:

the walking dead wizards of the coast magic the gathering

Magic The Gathering – Secret Lair x The Walking Dead

  • Negan the Cold-Blooded: When Negan enters the battlefield, you and target opponent each secretly choose a creature that player controls. Then those choices are revealed, and that player sacrifices those creatures. Whenever an opponent sacrifices a creature, you create a Treasure token.
  • Michonne, Ruthless Survivor: When Michonne enters the battlefield, create two Walker tokens. As long as Michonne is equipped, she must be blocked if able. Whenever Michonne and at least two zombies attack, she gains indestructible until end of turn.
  • Treasure: Tap, Sacrifice this artifact: Add one mana of any color.

Legendary creatures Negan the Cold-Blooded and Michonne – Ruthless Survivor, and token artifact Treasure are just a few of the new cards making their debut in the Secret Lair x The Walking Dead crossover. Despite previous successful crossover for Magic the Gathering, The Walking Dead series is a first for Wizards of the Coast in terms of cards designed “from the ground up to express outside characters and narrative worlds into the form of Magic cards.”

The team worked with various artists around the world to seamlessly bring The Walking Dead characters into the world of Magic the Gathering. More card reveals are forthcoming ahead of the premiere of AMC’s We Are The Walking Dead Weekend event beginning October 4th, which features the premiere of World Beyond. So stay tuned!

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