Bob Ross Is Coming To Magic The Gathering, Happy Little Trees Included

Bob Ross Magic The Gathering

Magic the Gathering has introduced several crossovers over the years with the likes of The Walking Dead and My Little Pony each debuting cards inspired by their respective franchise. While such crossovers usually feature a deck of recognizable characters, it appears Wizards of the Coast is opting to take the scenic route with the reveal of a new collaboration with the soothing artwork of famed painter Bob Ross. 

A household name for the 80s PBS show ‘The Joy of Painting,’ Bob Ross has effectively reached modern audiences through regularly airing reruns, internet memes, as well as the advent of an official Twitch channel. However, the soft-spoken artist is now heading to the realm of tabletops in a new limited-edition Magic card set called “Happy Little Gathering.” As reported by Vice, the partnership between Ross and Magic’s Secret Lair imprint will feature 11 of Ross’ iconic landscape paintings, with each representing the game’s five land types (plains, swamps, forests, islands, and mountains) as well as an all-encompassing Evolving Wilds card. 

Each card is confirmed to be fully playable and displays a unique landscape artwork, save for Evolving Wilds, which appears to feature multiple regions in a single setting. “While there weren’t a lot of options for swamps, there were some obvious choices. The island, mountain, and forest choices were plentiful,” Senior Creative Art Director at Wizards of the Coast, Tom Jenkot said in a statement. “But the biggest achievement was finding a Bob Ross painting that worked for ‘Evolving Wilds!’ The painting has a forest, mountain, water, plains, plus an unearthly glow on the underside of the wave to hit on the evolving aspect.” 

According to the store page for Happy Little Gathering, the limited-edition Bob Ross set will only be available for a two-week period from November 30th to December 14th. During this time, the 11-card deck will be purchasable in a standard edition for $29.99 USD as well as in premium foil for $39.99 USD. Regardless of the version, each collection includes five redeemable codes for Bob Ross Basic Lands in Magic the Gathering Arena along with another set of five codes redeemable in MTG Online. 

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