Magic: The Gathering Theros Beyond Death Expansion Revealed (VIDEO)

Magic: The Gathering Theros Beyond Death Expansion Revealed (VIDEO)

Taking inspiration from Greek mythology, the Theros block within Magic: The Gathering features an incredibly intriguing setup. The series of expansions has so-far focused on the idea of gods, the sky that they inhabit, and their gifts–depicting their status as “living enchantments” that wander the night realm of Nyx. A new MTG adventure has recently been revealed at The Game Awards ceremony, bringing new focus to Theros in the Theros Beyond Death expansion.

It appears the upcoming expansion will place a major focus on the fight between Theros’ main protagonist Elspeth and the mysterious Ashiok–a dream-manipulating Planeswalker characterized by their long slender figure and smoking horns that rise up from their nose. A trailer from The Game Awards indicates the Magic: The Gathering expansion is setting up quite the intense battle between the two and it’ll be interesting to see what may be brought to the table in terms of story and the cards players will be able to engage with. Check it out below.

A recent post from the MTG website has detailed the mechanics arriving in the upcoming Magic: The Gathering expansion, suggesting players will have some familiar ways to play this time around. Fans also appear to have few new tricks to sink their teeth into such as a new “Escape” keyword that can potentially give dead creatures “another chance at life,” so to speak. It’ll be interesting to see how players will utilize the new mechanic as well as classics such as Saga and Constellations.

Of course, there will be new cards arriving with the new expansion as well, including reprints for one of the most iconic cards in Magic history, the legendary Black Lotus. Fans were recently given a preview of Theros Beyond Death in Magic the Gathering: Arena, with several cards from the expansion–including Black Lotus–available to players in an After Party event shortly after The Game Awards concluded.

The Magic: The Gathering expansion is set to arrive for Magic Online beginning January 16th of 2020. Players hoping to get their hands on physical cards can do so on January 24th, with a pre-release scheduled for January 17th through the 19th. Let us know your thoughts on Theros Beyond Death and more in the comments section below. As always don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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