Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit

Grand Theft Auto V Lindsay Lohan Lawsuit Dismissed In Court Of Appeals

The video game industry is no stranger to lawsuits, especially considering the U.S. legal system’s slower reactions to the rapid advancement of technology. Nintendo has been hit with lawsuits in…

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Latest GTA Online Update Delivers New Transform Races, Attack Helicopter, And Much More

Be it the holiday season or the developers at Rockstar are on a roll because the latest GTA Online update is showing up with a slew of new content to…

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GTA V Transform Races

GTA V Transform Races Takes Stunt Racing To The Next Level (VIDEO)

Rockstar is delivering a new game mode soon that will give online players a whole new experience in the racing arena. GTA V Transform Races is a highly anticipated new…

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RUMOR: GTA V for the Nintendo Switch Could Be Coming

Everybody loves a good rumor, especially when they turn out to be true. That’s the case for a lot of rumors that go around the gaming community. Recently one came…

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red dead redemption mod

The Red Dead Redemption Mod Treatment is Coming to Grand Theft Auto 5

Grand Theft Auto 5 is getting a beautiful Red Dead Redemption mod treatment in the form of an interactive map. In the past couple months, there have been some major hints…

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Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V) Brings in 2017 With Double GTA$, New Mode, and More!

The Grand Theft Auto franchise has been quite the powerhouse since its top-down days and when it would call us brown bread. Since then, it has taken us on many adventures throughout…

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Max Payne Intro

Max Payne Intro Recreated in GTA V and it Looks Fantastic! (VIDEO)

Someone has taken the liberty of recreating the Max Payne intro in Grand Theft Auto V, and it is simply wonderful. The creator has taken the intro of a beloved video game…

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Rockstar’s Deadline Mode for Grand Theft Auto V: Tron-Style Multiplayer

Rockstar just released a new online, multiplayer death-match for Grand Theft Auto V called Deadline. It is a 4-Player game mode that allows participants to race and dispose of each…

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Rockstar Will Give You $250,000 in GTA Cash for Logging in for New Halloween Event!

Rockstar Games announced today that they’ll be getting into the spirit of the season by releasing new Halloween themed content for Grand Theft Auto V’s online mode. The content will…

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Samsung Exploiting DMCA to Takedown Videos of GTA 5 Note 7 Bomb Mod

Samsung Electronics is not amused by one player’s Grand Theft Auto mod which features their now infamous flagship phablet, the Note 7. What is now being referred to as the…

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