Samsung Exploiting DMCA to Takedown Videos of GTA 5 Note 7 Bomb Mod

Samsung Electronics is not amused by one player’s Grand Theft Auto mod which features their now infamous flagship phablet, the Note 7. What is now being referred to as the Note-As-Bomb mod was created by modder and gamer HitmanNiko by replacing the games sticky bomb with a 3D rendering of the phone. The phone then interacts with the game the same way as the sticky bomb that functions much like a grenade.

Note-as-bomb GTA V GIF

What makes the device so infamous is that soon after the Note 7’s launch, reports surfaced online of the device catching fire and/or exploding. After attempting to fix the defect by means of replacing the batteries of the affected phones, reports then started coming in claiming that the replacement Notes were experiencing the same malfunction. Samsung had little choice but to issue a complete recall after attempts to fix the faulty devices failed. The recall cost the company billions of dollars which is probably one of the reasons they are so upset about this mod. Apparently so upset that they are willing to utilize YouTube’s copyright infringement system in an attempt to erase videos featuring the mod.

YouTube Removal Content Message

The issue with this is that the DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act)  really doesn’t apply to the Note-As-Bomb mod. The DMCA is used by companies as a tool to issue takedown notices on sites like Facebook, YouTube and wherever else users may upload copyrighted material such as video and music. However, again HitmanNiko’s mod doesn’t fall under the DMCA and in turn is causing the online community to claim that Samsung is abusing the system.

While it’s clear that the mod was created in an attempt at derision and to make light of Samsung’s tech debacle an argument could be made as to whether or not this was in poor taste. However, regardless of the public relations nightmare Samsung Electronics is facing this move does appear to circumvent the system and makes waters that much more choppier in an already epically bad storm.

Do you think Samsung is abusing the system in a frantic attempt prevent more bad press or do you think they have the right to request these videos to be taken down? Join the conversation and let us know in the comments below.

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