Gears of War Novel

New Gears of War Novel Coming Soon

We already know that the next installment in the massively popular Gears of War franchise is set to arrive at some point this year. However, we’ll soon be able to…

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Aaron Griffin Returns

Gears Of War 4: Griffin Returns In New Trailer (VIDEO)

The wait is nearly over for those longing for the days when a brash, trash-talking CEO and badass from Gears of War 3 laid the hurt down. While there wasn’t…

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Gears of War 4 Content

New Gears Of War 4 Content And Achievements Arriving This Month

This March is shaping up to be an excellent month for Gears of War fans, as the latest iteration of ‘What’s Up’ over on the iconic Xbox series’ official website has…

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December Xbox Game Pass

Xbox Game Pass Adds 7 New Titles Including Mass Effect, Darksiders, Gears Of War 4, And More

Seven new titles for the Xbox Game Pass have been announced, and there are plenty of great options available to help get you through the chill of the month. The…

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Xbox One X 4K Upgrade

These First-Party Games Will Receive Free Xbox One X 4K Upgrades

The big reveal has come and gone, but the hype remains for Microsoft’s newest gaming system. The formally named Project Scorpio is set to be the most powerful console ever…

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Gears 4's Largest Update

Gears 4’s Largest Update Yet Brings New Difficulties, Maps, and More (VIDEO)

The Coalition, developer of Gears of War 4, have been adding in new content at a consistent pace since launch from new maps and gear, to tweaks to the game itself….

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Cliff Bleszinski

Cliff Bleszinski Says Project Scorpio is “Promising”, Shares Thoughts on Gears of War 4

Some may know Cliff Bleszinski as the creator of the popular FPS franchise Gears of War. Others may just know him to be Cliffy B. “Retiring” after three titles in…

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Gears of War 4 April Update - Easter Event

Gears of War 4 April Update Includes Easter-Themed Items, Free Maps, and More (VIDEO)

The Coalition’s Gears of War 4 has been out for nearly six months and fans seem to have been enjoying it for the most part. With that being said, Easter…

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Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Moving in a New Direction – Seasonal Matches Similar to Halo 5

For those players getting down in the dirt with Gears of War 4, the developer team behind the title recently announced that they were going to be moving into a…

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Feral Horde Mode

Gears of War 4 Introduces New Feral Horde Mode Playlist

Fans of Gears of War’s cooperative Horde mode will be pleased to know that the slaughter-fest continues in Gears of War 4. Are you ready to fight like an animal…

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