Gears of War 4 Multiplayer Moving in a New Direction – Seasonal Matches Similar to Halo 5

For those players getting down in the dirt with Gears of War 4, the developer team behind the title recently announced that they were going to be moving into a more seasonal direction with their multiplayer to spice things up a bit. Said seasons will last for a few months at a time and allows players to place in matches and climb the ranks depending on performance. This is in no way a new concept to the shooter MP arena, but it is is a way to freshen up the play-ability of Gears 4’s multiplayer.

Ranking is not set in stone, where players rank can change on a daily basis depending on their performance within matches. Once a new season starts, the ranking resets and matchmaking will heavily rely on previous play styles. The Coalition, the developing team behind Gears, took to a blog post to highlight some of the areas of interest for players interested in the changes:

Over the past few months, we’ve been focused on delivering some core improvements to the Ranked Experience – including Ranked Lobbies and the upcoming Weapon Tuning update – to provide a stable base Ranked experience before we dove into the Ranking System. With those almost in place, we’re ready to share a bunch of news about the future of the Ranking System in Gears of War 4!”

Seasons, rewards, and improvements – oh, my! With the first season of their revamped multiplayer on the way, it’s a good idea to know what you’ll be fighting for. When competing against other players for the rank dreams are made of, players will be eligible for certain tiered rewards. Weapon skins tailored to individual ranking will become available with extended play, piece by piece. The ranks are as follows:

  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Onyx
  • Diamond

War 4 multiplayer

The Coalition also talks about how the ranking will work specifically with their new algorithm they will be introducing for accurate matchmaking for ranked matches. Whereas in other titles on the shooter market currently have been having some criticisms over their matchmaking, the team behind Gears wants to get it right for their players.

With the launch of Seasons on the way, we’ll also be introducing an updated skill based algorithm into Gears of War 4 to further improve the quality of our Ranking System. This updated version of our Skill Ratings should improve the accuracy of your Tier Placements, and take more of your Skill over time into account. When this system goes live, you may find your initial placement Tier is higher or lower than expected compared to Season 0. This is actually a more accurate representation of your skill (and performance in your placement matches), so brace for potential changes!”

The team is also working on ways currently to make the stats and Ranking System easier to read for players so there is no confusion going into matches or in the evolving seasons. Tier stats, ranking, and more will give players the arsenal they need to go into each seasonal ranking match with eyes wide open and guns at the ready.

What do you think about the upcoming changes to the Gears of War 4 multiplayer? Smart move or waste of time? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below and don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for gaming and entertainment news live 24/7!

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