New Fortnite Update Brings Weapon Balance Changes And Addresses Team Killing (VIDEO)

In the latest Fortnite update (number 4), the team discusses several changes coming to the game both minor and major. In the midst of it all is the introduction of…

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PUBG Clone For Mobile Devices Being Made By Tencent (VIDEO)

The market in gaming is an ever changing beast which seems to be become more trendy as time goes on. The current trend is battle royale games spawned by the…

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Fortnite Halloween Update

Fortnite Halloween Update Brings Festivities And Gameplay Changes

As we enter the handful of days remaining until Halloween, Fortnite gets in the festive mood to bring out all the scares. The title from Epic Games has released update…

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Virtual Battlegrounds

Virtual Battlegrounds Brings A PUBG-Style Game To VR (VIDEO)

While PlayerUnknown’s Battleground is the most well-known battle royale title on the market currently and has the highest amount of concurrent users on Steam to date, it’s no surprise that…

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Epic games lawsuit

Epic Games Lawsuit Aims To Take Cheaters Out Of Fortnite

According to TorrentFreak, there is an Epic Games lawsuit aimed at two players accused of cheating. Filed in a North Carolina federal court, documents claim that these two players modified…

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fortnite battle royale cheaters

Fortnite Battle Royale Cheaters Banned by the Thousands According to Epic

Cheating in MMO’s (Massively Multiplayer Online) is nothing new and many companies struggle to find a way to balance gameplay, maintain game enjoyment, and remove cheaters. Epic is among the…

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Fortnite's Horde Bash

Fortnite’s Horde Bash Update Goes Live – New Heroes, Quests, and More! (VIDEO)

Fortnite is making a name for itself as an early access title. Having just reached 7 million players, the future of the game looks bright. Reaching that number can certainly…

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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Developer Criticizes Fornite’s New Battle Royale Mode

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds developer, Bluehole, has decidedly spoken up about Fortnite’s battle royale mode. Recently announced for the new Epic Games title is a brand new game mode that the gaming…

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battle royale

Free Battle Royale Mode Coming to Fortnite Soon – Here’s the Details! (VIDEO)

Developer Epic Games has announced a free Battle Royale mode for their co-op sandbox survival game Fortnite that closely resembles the setup of PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Just 100 players, 1 map, and…

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Fortnite Cross-Play

Fortnite Cross-Play Between PS4 and Xbox One Shut Down – Phil Spencer Wishes They Left it On

As technology advances and video game consoles become increasingly more powerful, the topic of cross-play will likely continue to gain traction. In fact, all of the big players seem to…

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