‘Classified’ Destiny Items May Hint at New Content to Come Soon

Destiny 2 is destined to come out by Fall of next year, but that’s quite some time to wait even with Rise of Iron’s release a few months ago. The Dawning started a few days ago on December 13th, and will last until the 3rd of January. So make sure you participate in the Sparrow Racing and Vanguard Elite! Truth be told, however, events plateau after a while and once it is over – everything goes back to the same ol’ same old. There is promise of updates and patches to keep players busy, and the Destiny developing team definitely have something up their sleeves. Namely, classified items a Guardian found when diving into Destiny’s database.

classified items maybe idk

According to a post on the Destiny subreddit, by Redditor xxoACEoxx, they have written down a list of the classified items in Destiny’s database – eighty-four of them, actually. All, but one item has yet to be revealed. One of them being the secret sparrow called Lysander’s Cry. That isn’t the most notable item, though. Take a look at the entry below:

“-1519697678 “”{“”””itemHash””””:2775269618″ itemName””:””Classified”” itemDescription””:””All will be revealed in time young Padawan.””

This is just one out of 5 entries that reads the same phrase – “All will be revealed in time young Padawan.” They have a different sequence of numbers, of course. Now, there are a few theories, according to fans and Guardians in the thread. Some Redditors induce that Vault of Glass and Crota’s End may making its’ way back to Destiny. Some of a few sillier, but not necessarily unbelievable conclusions. One Redditor mentioned that lightsabers could be a possibility. Honestly, we’ll see in due time and anyone’s guess is as good as mine. Although, bringing old raids back seem highly likely.

Well, what do you think, Guardians? Are we reading into it too much, perhaps? Do you think VoG or Crota will come back? How are you liking The Dawning, by the way? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section down below! We would love to hear from you.


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