Additional Content Planned for Destiny After Holidays

Destiny players have a lot to be thankful for right now, or at least the will soon, as Bungie has stated that they will be bringing additional content to the FPS at some point after the holiday season. Whether that will be full expansions or itemized DLC is unknown, but it’s definitely better than nothing!

Those who were fans of racing sparrows (little vehicles akin to the Star Wars speeder bikes) are also in luck, as these activities will see a reprise this December.

destiny additional content

Of all the complaints related to Destiny, the one most often vocalized is a need for additional content. Many were concerned that the game would lose the attentive eye of Bungie over coming months in favor of developing a sequel instead, but it appears that Bungie still has plans for the 2 year old game.

In a recent blog update, community manager Deej had exciting things to say about additional content planned for Destiny:

We’ll be back in the swing of things next week. The cadence of new content in Destiny is about to speed up again. We hope you can keep up.

Little can be said about how hearty the coming content will be, or whether it will be free, or monetized, but with fans thirsty for anything, it is definitely fortuitous to bring players back to the game.

What about you, Guardian? Will this additional content, plus the returning sparrow racing, be enough to get you back on the couch with a controller in your hand? Did you enjoy The Taken King and Rise of Iron, or did you feel that they were lacking as well? Let us know your opinion in the comments and stay dialed in to DFTG as we find out what new things might be coming to Destiny after the holidays!

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