Supergiant Games’ Hades Cosplay Brings Zagreus To Life

Supergiant Games Hades Cosplay

Fans have praised Hades for its compelling strategy and gameplay, and have become enamored with the game’s stylized take on popular Greek mythological figures. Cosplay has been one of the most tried and true ways that fans will celebrate their favorite video game characters. One of the most talented cosplayers out there is Geheichou, who has made stunning cosplays of characters like Cloud Strife from the Final Fantasy VII remake that feel like the game characters in the real world. Now, their new Hades cosplay keeps that trend alive.

Geheichou recently shared photos of their new Hades cosplay on their official Twitter and Instagram accounts. According to cosplayer Gehe, they were working on a full cosplay of Zagreus, the protagonist of Hades and son of Zeus and Persephone in Greek mythology. At the point the first photos were taken, Gehe was supposedly only in the makeup testing phase of getting their cosplay together, but decided to throw on a simple Greek outfit and take the photos. Even if that is the case, the cosplay already looks stunning in that form.

Gehe’s makeup job quite faithfully recreated the art style of Hades, and the perfectly shaped wig and eyebrows help complete the look and make it feel like a replication of Zagreus as seen in the game brought into the real world. Gehe has proven several times before that they have the prowess to bring video game characters to life through cosplay, and this Hades cosplay is hopefully only another godly creation in their Pantheon of video game cosplays.

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