Zagreus Figurine

Hades Zagreus Figurine Announced By Good Smile

The indie gaming scene has allowed for smaller productions to become just as big as any first-party console exclusive title if they resonate deeply enough with fans. One recent game…

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Lil Nas X Hades

Lil Nas X Hades Crossover Fan Art Is Devilishly Divine

It has been quite a week for musician Lil Nas X, after the release of his controversial music video for his new song “Montero (Call Me By Your Name).” The…

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God of War Hades Crossover

Hades x God of War Crossover Clip Shows Kratos Mentoring Zagreus (VIDEO)

2020 brought several amazing new video games to a world that desperately needed them, and perhaps the most lauded of the new independent games last year was Hades by Supergiant…

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Supergiant Games Hades Cosplay

Supergiant Games’ Hades Cosplay Brings Zagreus To Life

Fans have praised Hades for its compelling strategy and gameplay, and have become enamored with the game’s stylized take on popular Greek mythological figures. Cosplay has been one of the…

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