Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Creator Reveals The Smash Logo’s Meaning (VIDEO)

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate Creator Reveals The Smash Logo's Meaning (VIDEO)

Ever since the original Super Smash Bros. released in 1999, the Nintendo brawler has become an iconic series, and a primary reason for many gamers to continue to purchase Nintendo consoles throughout the years. Now, with nearly 20 years under the series’ belt and Super Smash Bros. Ultimate currently dominating the charts, we finally know what the heck the Smash logo for the series actually means.

In a new video posted on the Nintendo YouTube channel, Super Smash Bros. series creator Masahiro Sakurai is seen playing the new Smash game while talking about the various characters within the title. During the video, the topic of the iconic Smash logo surfaced, at which point Sakurai then breaks down what the logo actually means. A Twitter user by the name of @FarmboyinJapan then shared a translation of what Sakurai said, finally putting to bed a question that has gone unanswered for the past 20 or so years.

According to the Twitter user, Sakurai explained that the Smash logo has its intersecting lines to represent the “crossover” aspect of the series, which has only been made more accurate with the inclusion of Joker from Persona 5 and, perhaps, Erdrick from Dragon Quest. The four different parts of the circle are a reference to the game’s 4 person multiplayer. It’s a simple meaning behind the logo, though one that is honest, straightforward, and has stood the test of time.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is now available exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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