Super Nintendo World Aerial Pics Show Nearly Completed Park

Super Nintendo World

While most of the world’s amusement parks are currently closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, some of them are slowly beginning to re-open as conditions improve. Future additions to beloved amusement parks have been huge focal points of hope for those looking forward to a world after quarantine. One such addition is the upcoming Super Nintendo World that is still scheduled to arrive later this year at Universal Studios Japan. Now, new candid aerial pics of Super Nintendo World have shared the progress of the new park addition, and it seems to be quite close to its completion.

As reported on Prima Games, Instagram user imaiko02 has released new Super Nintendo World aerial pics taken at Universal Studios Japan. The pics have been taken down from Instagram, but many sources were able to save screenshots of the aerial pics. Many iconic structures from the world of Super Mario games can be seen, such as Princess Peach’s castle to the right, and Bowser’s castle to the lower left. Other familiar Mario elements, such as warp pipes and question mark blocks can be seen as well. The park has promised many other Nintendo game-like elements, including a dedicated smartphone app that will let attendees feel like they are playing a video game in real-life.

While the Tokyo 2020 Summer Olympics have been postponed to next year, it would seem that this big Tokyo tourist attraction is on track to be completed this summer as initially planned. While Universal Studios Japan is still closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, hopefully when it does re-open, Mario and friends will be able to ring in Super Mario World as the newest portion of the park upon its re-opening. Let’s just hope the coronavirus vaccine isn’t in another castle for too much longer.

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