Super Mario Maker 3DS Gets Medal Challenges

Earlier this year Nintendo announced that a 3DS version of the hit Wii U title Super Mario Maker would be coming to the handheld closer to the holiday season. While this definitely has many fans of the Wii U version excited, a lot of the chatter about the 3DS port has been of mixed approval. This largely centers around the reports that the 3DS game will only allow local sharing of designed Super Mario courses and that there will be no online-based sharing. With this disappointing news, Nintendo has really needed extra features to make this title a more appealing purchase.

The video seen above was released earlier this week and hopes to highlight the value of Super Mario Maker 3DS. It re-establishes that the game allows Mario level designs utilizing the styles seen in the Wii U version (Super Mario 1, 3, World and NSMB) and offers local sharing. A newly announced addition to the game with this video comes in the form of 100 pre-designed levels that are packed in with the game. With these levels come optional medal challenges, each pertaining to a special requirement. For instance, a level filled with the classic Mario spring jumps asks you to complete it without pressing the jump button, while another level challenges you to complete it without letting go of the right D-Pad button, invoking the common method of playing through Mario games seen in speed run videos.

Super Mario Maker Challenge Medal

As for me, I actually found the levels that were packed in with Super Mario Maker on Wii U to be my favorite part of the game. I thought they were very cleverly designed and really showcased the potential of what the Maker tools could do. I obsessed over all of the Rube-Goldberg machines and classic NES song recreation levels that were popular on the Super Mario Maker online level search boards like everyone else, but I found the pre-designed levels some of the most innovative Mario levels I’ve played in a good while. I wasn’t considering purchasing the 3DS port of Mario Maker, but with this video, I’ll maybe consider picking it up now.

What about you? Are you now interested in Super Mario Maker for Nintendo 3DS? What was your favorite part about the Wii U version? Do you think we will see any Mario Maker projects on the newly announced Nintendo Switch?Let us know in the comments section down below!

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