Super Mario Bros And Mario 64 Gets An Nostalgic Mashup (VIDEO)

Super Mario

Fans who grew up with the original NES may remember the first Super Mario Brothers with great fondness (or frustration). Of course, other fans had their first Mario experience on the Nintendo 64. One fan has brought the nostalgia of both worlds together in a new video that will bring fans from both camps together.

The Super Mario mashup comes from YouTuber Kaze Emanuar, who some may know for their Super Mario 64 and Portal 3 crossover mod. This video reveals the progress on World 1, taking fans through all three levels. Check out the progress yourselves in the video below:

This Super Mario Bros 64 mashup is still a work in progress, lending the side-scrolling action of the original game with the graphics and slick moves of the 64 title. If nothing else, the combination is interesting and adds a fresh perspective to the original game that many fans could only imagine when they first played the original.

The YouTuber also brought Bowsette to the world of Mario 64 on commission, giving the character its own sounds and unique moves. Overall, Kaze is definitely a modder to watch for more epic mashups, add-on content and more! Be sure to keep up with Don’t Feed the Gamers for all of your gaming news needs!

What do you think about the concept of a Super Mario Bros. Mario 64 mashup? What other Mario games should be put together? Join in on the conversation in the comment section below! Don’t forget to follow DFTG on Twitter for live gaming and entertainment news 24/7!

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