Street Fighter 6 Announced By Capcom (VIDEO)

Street Fighter 6

Fighting games have held themselves up as one of the biggest genres in the video game industry, with perhaps none rivaling the impact that Street Fighter has had on the medium. The classic series created a new standard for fighting games in arcades and on consoles for decades now, with the latest entry, Street Fighter V, being quite successful and present in the fighting game eSports scene. Many had been waiting to see if a sixth core entry in the series might be in the works, to little avail in recent years. Now, Capcom has at long last officially announced Street Fighter 6.

Capcom has released their Street Fighter 6 announcement teaser trailer on their official YouTube channel. The teaser first premiered at the end of the recent Capcom Pro Tour livestream that saw Kawano defeat Daigo Umehara. Considering that this is the 35th anniversary of the Street Fighter series, it makes sense that Capcom would deem this event as a worthy time for the announcement of the new game. The quick teaser does not show any gameplay, and barely any cinematic footage either.

Street Fighter 6

Most of the shots in the teaser are close-ups of Ryu’s body, here looking somewhat more photo-realistic than the stylized animation of Street Fighter V. This could indicate a more life-like take on the series that takes advantage of the next-gen consoles the game will be presumably made for. The end of the trailer reveals the appearance of Luke, a DLC character introduced late in Street Fighter V’s rollout, suggesting he may have a significant role in this new game. While there is no other information to go off of for now, rest assured that fans of the franchise are exploding like Hadoukens with excitement for Street Fighter 6.

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