Here’s What a Stranger Things Lucasarts Adventure Game Might Look Like (VIDEO)

Stranger Things Lucasarts

In just one month, audiences will finally be able to return to Hawkins, Indiana when Stranger Things season 2 is released on Netflix. The first season of adventures had by the bike-riding kids of the nostalgic show endeared itself to viewers by harkening back to the spirit of classic 80’s adventure and horror films, which are held as iconic for those in the generation that grew up on The Goonies and Stephen King stories. In gaming, such reverence is also widely felt for the classic Lucasfilm point and click adventure games of the 1990s. Now one video has merged the two together, with a depiction of what a Stranger Things Lucasarts adventure game might have looked like.

Penney Pixels has posted a new video to their YouTube channel, simulating what Eleven, Chief Hopper and the rest of their friends’ adventures might have looked like as a 1990s Lucasarts game. This era of the company brought such cherished story-driven titles as The Secret of Monkey Island and Day of the Tentacle, and this video shows that Stranger Things would very likely have meshed well with Lucasarts’ signature adventure game action-selection and dialogue heavy structure.

The video really nails the tropes of the classic Lucasarts games, such as the variety of actions and the specific series of actions that a lot of the puzzles required, and the pixelated designs of Joyce and Eleven are rather adorable. It would certainly be cool to play a real version of this one day, but hopefully fans will be satisfied enough with season 2 of Stranger Things when it launches on October 27th this year. What do you guys think about this Stranger Things Lucasarts Adventure Game video? Let us know in the comments below!

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