Stranger Things 4 Part One & Two Release Dates Revealed

Stranger Things 4

Even with major competitors like Disney and HBO Max rising in power, Netflix has continued to maintain their dominance in the streaming wars. Netflix gained this position not only be being the first major streaming platform, but also being the first to produce original series and films of their own. One of the most popular of these original series of course has been Stranger Things, the popular 80s nostalgia pastiche series. Season 4 of the series has been long in the works, and has promised new characters and locations. Now, Netflix has announced the release dates for parts one and two of Stranger Things 4.

Netflix made several announcements about Stranger Things 4 on their official Twitter account for the series recently. The big new reveals came in the form of four posters showing the four main locations and character groupings to occur in the new season. The first poster seemingly has Murray and Joyce Byer finding the living Hopper in Russia, while the second has Eleven returning to the lab she spent most of her early life. The fourth poster has Mike and the Byer brothers in California, while the third poster has the remaining main cast exploring the Creel house back in Hawkins, IN.

The Duffer Brothers, the creators of the series, also recently released a personal note along with these posters. The letter confirms that this season will be split in two parts, with part 1 premiering on May 27th and part 2 on July 1st later this year. The brothers also announce that this will be the penultimate season of the series, with Stranger Things 5 set to be the end of the series. They suggest that this was always their anticipated trajectory for the series’ length, though they are still proud of it going this long. They thank the fans and Netflix for making this possible, and hope fans enjoy the remainder of the story of Eleven and her friends. While it will be sad to see the series go, it is good to know that it will be going out on the creative team’s own terms. Until then, let’s have as many Eggo waffles and Scoops Ahoy ice cream cones as we can.

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