BioShock Movie Is Finally Happening With Netflix

Bioshock movie

It really has seemed lately like Hollywood is feeling the video game itch lately, with announcements of new game adaptation projects coming one after another. Netflix has especially banked on video game adaptations to support their platform, having found success with their Castlevania anime and live-action Witcher series, enough to warrant several spinoffs for the Witcher as well. With new Cuphead and Pokemon projects for Netflix in the works, the service already seemed prime to be the top game adaptation platform. Now, that journey only grows as Netflix has announced that they have greenlit the long-awaited BioShock movie for their service.

The Hollywood Reporter shared the new BioShock movie announcement made by Netflix recently. The streaming platform will develop the film in partnership with BioShock parent company Take-Two Interactive. The studio will produce the film along with Vertigo Entertainment also. No details about the story being adapted are given, but Netflix’s use of promotional photos from the first game suggest that the city of Rapture storyline will be followed for this film. It also appears that Netflix intends to start a cinematic universe around the BioShock franchise, starting with this first film.

The BioShock movie has been in development hell for some time now. The film was first set to be backed by Universal Studios back in 2008, with Pirates of the Caribbean director Gore Verbinski set to helm the project. However, the project was abruptly cancelled due to budget constraints and Verbisnki’s disapproval of the choice to film overseas. While that iteration of the project never saw the light of day, hopefully aspects of it live on in this new Netflix attempt. Like the city of Rapture itself, it is time for the BioShock movie to be re-explored below the depths.

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