Starbreeze Invests $12 Million to Publish System Shock 3

The future of System Shock 3 has just become a bit more certain, thanks to publishing company Starbreeze. The Swedish company has signed an agreement with Otherside Entertainment for publishing rights for System Shock 3, which will allow Starbreeze to invest $12 million in order to bring the game to “PC and other platforms.”

System Shock is one of those iconic franchises in the history of games that still gets my blood going and Mr. Spector is one of the founding fathers of the modern action RPG. We’re greatly looking forward to bringing System Shock 3 to players world wide in our collaboration with Otherside Entertainment and Warren Spector’s team. I’ll be first in line to play.” -Bo Andersson-Klint, Starbreeze CEO

According to Starbreeze, the company will be able to recoup 120% of its full investment, including marketing costs. Once the investment is completely recouped, their share of revenues will automatically drop to 50%.  From the outside looking in, this is a phenomenal opportunity for Otherside Entertainment. Publishing deal aside, they will continue to retain 100% of the rights to the intellectual property of System Shock 3, while still benefiting from Starbreeze’s weighty marketing and promotional clout. Paul Neurath, CEO of OtherSide Entertainment, seems to agree:

We are thrilled to be partnering with Starbreeze for System Shock 3. They truly get games and gamers, and have been able to translate that understanding into a robust publishing business, and build thriving gaming communities around their franchises.”

This isn’t the first time Starbreeze has joined hands with a game developer in a distribution-only deal. Double Fine Productions is also reaping the benefits of the Swedish company’s $8 million investment for their upcoming Psychonauts 2, which is scheduled to be released in 2018.

Starbreeze publishing System Shock 3

There is currently no scheduled release date for System Shock 3, though the $12 million shot in the arm should keep Otherside Entertainment on the right track for what we are hoping to be a quick, painless development period. However, only time will tell.

So, what do you think about Starbreeze linking up with Otherside Entertainment? Do you agree that it’s a good move? Are you excited to play System Shock 3? Let us know in the comments section below or come start a conversation with us about it on Disqus! As always, stay tuned to DFTG for all the latest gaming news, and follow us on Twitter for our 24/7 news feed!

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