Star Wars: The Old Republic Players Pay Homage to Carrie Fisher In-Game (VIDEO)

Earlier this week, the galaxy lost one of its brightest stars, Carrie Fisher.  Many of her close friends and colleagues, along with fans, were quick to share their thoughts of mourning, reflections, and dear memories of Fisher on various social media platforms and press releases. However, today the Star Wars fan community within the gaming sphere took it a step further to honor Carrie Fisher and in their own way, have reminded the world how the Star Wars franchise transcends pop culture by connecting and moving through us all in a way that is ineffable much like the Force itself.

Honor Carrie Fisher

There are many gatherings and tributes being held for the late actress,writer, and mental health advocate across the world and in so many different and beautiful forms. One of the largest and most notable of these comes from the BioWare MMORPG Star Wars: The Old RepublicPlayers of the highly popular PC game have begun to gather from all over the world in an area of the game called House Organa on the homeworld of Alderaan: Fisher’s Star Wars counterpart Princess Leia’s adopted home. In the video tribute below, you can see players from across a multitude of servers gathered to pay their respects, some by rising their lightsabers to the sky, others by offering displays of fireworks and still others just gathered in silence to celebrate their lost princess.

Although the online multiplayer game takes place in the Old Republic, an era long before the time of Leia, Luke or any of the other main characters of the franchise, many fans are putting forth the motion for BioWare to create some sort of official memorial within the game (The same can be said for Star Wars: Battlefront). The video made my heart ache more while at the same time filling it with a sense of warmth and comfort as I hope it helps to comfort anyone who reads this or comes across the video.

Death is a natural part of life. Rejoice for those around you who transform into the Force. Mourn them do not. Miss then do not.” – Jedi Master Yoda

I think that last one is going to be the tough! Do you have a favourite memory or experience to share to help honor Carrie Fisher? If so, we’d love to hear it. Share by joining the conversation in the comments below. Keep a tab opened on Don’t Feed The Gamers as we continue to share and honor this talented woman in our own way. May the Force be with you, always.

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