Star Wars: The Old Republic’s Fifth Anniversary Brings Gifts for Everyone!

Old Republic

BioWare‘s Star Wars: The Old Republic has been out for some time. Actually, when December 20 rolls around, it will have been out for exactly five years. To commemorate this joyous fifth anniversary, Star Wars: The Old Republic is rewarding its players with a bounty of gifts! They are giving the rewards away and are more excited than Grand Moff Tarkin giving away free laser light shows. Plus, you get a celebration Jawa, and what could possibly be better than a celebration Jawa?! The answer is a celebration Jawa floating in with some golden balloons!

The Old Republic - Celebration Jawa

Not only will you receive a glorious Jawa with golden balloons in tow, but there are also statues, strongholds, and posters to be had! You will need to “Log in between December 13, 2016 – January 16, 2017 and visit the Anniversary vendor on the Republic or Imperial Fleet to claim your rewards.” There will be a Senya Holo-Statue available that helps you “Tap into Senya’s years of wisdom and knowledge… and train in your class abilities immediately from anywhere in the galaxy as you level up and grow your power!” Sounds pretty sweet! Along with the Jawa and statue, you can collect a 7-Piece Poster Art Collection. Each poster will depict art from the game’s biggest releases, including the latest expansion, Knights of the Eternal Throne. All 7 releases celebrated are as follows:

  • The game’s initial launch
  • Rise of the Hutt Cartel
  • Galactic Starfighter
  • Galactic Strongholds
  • Shadow of Revan
  • Knights of the Fallen Empire
  • Knights of the Eternal Throne

For the celebration Jawa, Senya Holo-Statue, and the 7-Piece Poster Art Collection, you’ll need to go to the Anniversary Personnel vendor to claim them. Of course, to get to the Republic or Imperial Fleet in order to receive your gifts, you must be a level 10. After you have collected all of your goodies, be sure to hop on over to “the ‘Strongholds and Crew Skills’ area of the Fleet.” Here, for only five credits each, you can purchase your own Coruscant and Dromund Kaas Strongholds. “This is your chance to own your own piece of the Republic and Imperial capital worlds!”

The Old Republic

Last, but certainly not least, a special reward is available for those who have been with Star Wars: The Old Republic since the beginning. If you have been a continuous subscriber since within 90 days of the December 20, 2011 launch, you will find a special gift waiting for you in your in-game mail. As a thank you to the “5-Year Distinguished Veterans”, if you are one, you have been rewarded a “Galactic Alliance Statue” (seen above). Be sure to check your in-game mail so you can display this glorious statue in your strongholds as soon as possible, and don’t forget to sign in before January 16, 2017 so you can get your rewards before they are all gone!

What say you, gamers? Have you been a subscriber since the early days? Excited to see the wonderful rewards Star Wars: The Old Republic is offering to its players? Are you still laughing about my Grand Moff Tarkin joke from earlier? Let us know down in the comments! Before you go down there, though, you should seriously check THIS out. It’s bold, italicized, and capitalized, so you know it has to be good! It’s about the new Overwatch Christmas Wonderland event, which automatically makes it awesome. Speaking of awesome, keep your web browsers tuned in to Don’t Feed the Gamers for the latest and greatest news in the gaming world!

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