Nintendo Switch: Digital Game Sizes Revealed and Why Gamers Will Need External Storage

Dragon Quest Heroes - Nintendo Switch

Nintendo recently revealed the file sizes of several of its upcoming titles for the Nintendo Switch, which will be available for digital download to the console’s 32GB internal memory. Among these digital titles is Dragon Quest Heroes, which is already 32GB in size. Taking into account that the Switch’s OS (Operating System) will be utilizing a portion of the system’s internal memory, the game is simply too big for the amount of native storage. This means that Switch owners will need to make a minor investment.

Nintendo Switch Nintendo has confirmed that a separate SD card will be required in order to download the game. Unlike with the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4, physical copies of games for the Switch will not require players to install them and with that being the case, this issue is regulated to digital titles only. However, if you consider someone who purchases most of their games via online download, or someone who has a ton save files, then we can see additional external storage quickly becoming a necessity for the console. Below is a list that outlines some games and how much space they’ll require for download:

The Nintendo Switch is slated for launch March 3rd, which is right around the corner. If you’re looking to own all of the games and not have to worry about cartridges and whatnot, it might be a good idea to pick up a couple of SD cards.

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