Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay And Details Revealed At EA Play (VIDEO)

First Star Wars: Squadrons Gameplay EA Play

Electronic Arts has been teasing an all-new Star Wars this past week, with the publisher recently announcing a new galactic pilot title under the name of Star Wars: Squadrons. Under development by EA Motive and touting the ability to squad up and engage in high-intensity space battles, the reveal of Squadrons certainly became one for fans to watch, especially with even more set to be revealed at the annual EA Play proceedings. In the midst of the awaited event, the first gameplay has been revealed for Star Wars: Squadrons, showing off in-game footage as well as letting loose all kinds of new information.

Debuting the footage in the extended trailer below, EA established the basic gameplay for the upcoming title, set up the 5v5 team-based multiplayer, and went over the essentials of the various modes. While most of the game is centered around multiplayer, single-player was shown to have a significant presence in Star Wars: Squadrons, with players inhabiting the role of two pilots fighting on the side of the New Republic as well as the Empire during the Great Galactic War. Alongside each faction’s “squadron of diverse characters,” players will be tasked with completing “increasingly challenging missions” to win the day for their team.

Extending past the main story, multiplayer involves mastery over the game’s roster of four main ship classes: all-around Fighters, agile Interceptors, complimentary Support, and heavy-hitting Bombers. Squadrons also offers a fair amount of customization, letting players tweak the exterior and interior each starship as well as the pilots themselves through regular play – touting a total of 50 components dedicated to augmenting how the player’s ships “fly, fight, and survive.” Configuring the team’s loadout is key before going into specific firefights as well as when it comes to tackling the game’s various multiplayer modes.

Dogfight Mode is pretty self-explanatory, placing two squadrons of five players against each other in an all-out spaceborne battle to the death. Dogfight is presented as an “arcade mode” of sorts, allowing players to simply start a space battle with the other team. On the other hand, Squadrons’ signature mode, Fleet Battles, it touted as being a bit more complex. The mode sends teams into “multi-stage conflicts,” engaging in several types of battle scenarios such as dog fights, defending/attacking capital ships, as well as disabling an opponent’s massive flagship.

All in all, Star Wars: Squadrons looks to be a pretty slick and straightforward piloting title from EA Motion and it sure to find an audience when the game lands this later this year. Since the game’s official reveal, the upcoming adventure has already confirmed a nice assortment of features that will be readily available at launch such as cross-platform play, virtual reality support, and a complete absence of microtransactions. While we might be able to expect one down the line, there’s currently no word if a next-gen release is planned for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X.

Star Wars: Squadrons is set to release for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 2nd.

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