Star Wars Project Porg Lets You Play With Porgs In VR

Star Wars Project Porg

Star Wars: The Last Jedi, while met with mixed reception from audiences, was an outstanding box office success and has made a lasting impact on the Star Wars universe. The film added more abilities capable of Force users, and made significant plot twists that will certainly give J.J. Abrams a challenge with directing Episode IX of the new trilogy. However, these story aspects hardly hold a candle to the groundbreaking debut of Porgs, the winged CG wonderfluffs created to mask the puffins native to the filming location used for Luke Skywalker’s hidden planet Ahch-To. Now, a new VR game called Star Wars Project Porg has been previewed that will let players get closer than ever to the precious Porgs.

Lucasfilm showed the new game on the official ILMxLAB YouTube channel. The ILMxLAB creatives in the video state that this is planned to be the beginning of a new series of Star Wars experiences in VR and AR. The video shows that Project Porg begins with a Porg and holographic message from C3-P0 left for the player by Chewbacca. C3-P0’s message, voiced by Anthony Daniels reprising his role, tells the player how to care for the Porg, but not before being disrupted by the Porg’s chaotic destruction. The video explains that the intention is for players to build a dynamic relationship with their Porg over time, as one would do with their pet dog or cat.

Users can feed the Porgs, as well as have them play with a ball, laser pointer or Chewbacca chew toy. The Porgs can even bring new life into the world and let you raise a baby Porg to maturity. This looks like it will be a wonderful experience for Star Wars and Porg fans to take control of. It is available now on the Magic Leap One Creator Edition augmented reality glasses, but there’s no word yet if there will be a VR Porg-cooking experience with Guy Fieri any time soon.

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