First Spider-Man DLC ‘The City That Never Sleeps’ Release Date Revealed


Sony and Marvel’s Spider-Man title for the PlayStation 4 isn’t quite out yet but that hasn’t stopped developers from planning where they want to take the story next. The first expansion for the game has been revealed with details as to what the story will entail as well as its initial release date.

A recent PlayStation blog post from Insomniac’s Community Director James Stevenson has announced that the first expansion coming to the game will be called “The City That Never Sleeps.” The DLC will consist of three parts, the first of which arrives on October 23rd and will be called “The Heist.” According to the post:

As you play the base game, you’ll realize that Felicia Hardy, aka Black Cat, is back in town and she’s leaving clues around town to toy with Spider-Man. In Marvel’s Spider-Man: The Heist, she finally reveals herself. Featuring new missions and challenges, as well as a brand new faction of enemies and three additional suits to unlock, you won’t want to miss it.”

While there is a release date set for this first part of the expansion, the other two are still up in the air. They are however indicated to follow behind the first chapter in November and December and will be labelled “Turf Wars” and “Silver Lining” respectively. The PlayStation store has been updated with a listing for the DLC which is set at the price of $24.99 and includes all three chapters. Additionally, each individual chapter can also be purchased for the price of $9.99 as they become available. Players who own the Digital Deluxe Edition of the game also have the DLC included.

For those who’d like to purchase this edition of the game will be set back a total of $79.99 which also comes with some pre-order content and a one-of-a-kind physical Spidey pin.


Marvel’s Spider-Man for the PlayStation 4 is set to release on September 7th of this year. That gives fans at least a whole month to get through the core portion of the game before getting into the first chapter of “The City Never Sleeps” DLC. Will you be getting the coming additional story packs for yourself? Let us know your thoughts on the first Spider-Man DLC and more in the comments section below. As always don’t forget to follow Don’t Feed the Gamers on Twitter for 24/7 coverage of all things gaming and entertainment.

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