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Bandai Namco Might Be Working On Their Most Expensive Game Yet

With franchises like Tekken, Dark Souls, the Tales series, Soulcalibur, and countless others, Bandai Namco’s reach is well-known across the globe. Suffice to say, they have a great deal of…

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Dragon Ball FighterZ Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta GT

Dragon Ball FighterZ: Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta Revealed As Final Season 3 DLC (VIDEO)

Though the majority of the game’s Season 3 roster arrived in particularly sporadic fashion (a fact undoubtedly owed to the COVID-19 pandemic), a new Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC was finally…

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Dragon Ball Fighterz Baby Vegeta GT

Dragon Ball FighterZ Adds Baby Vegeta From Dragon Ball GT (VIDEO)

It’s been nearly three years and Banda Namco is still in the midst of adding DLC characters to its explosive anime-based brawler Dragon Ball FighterZ. With this year’s rollout of…

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New Elden Ring Footage Reportedly Coming Soon

New Elden Ring Footage Reportedly Coming Soon

While Elden Ring hasn’t quite reached the infamous levels of tardiness that Dead Island 2 is currently enjoying, the upcoming FromSoftware title has become notorious in its own right due…

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the dark pictures house of ashes

The Dark Pictures: House Of Ashes Teaser Reveals New Details (VIDEO)

Bandai Namco revealed a new teaser trailer for the next game in their horror anthology – The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes. Following the launch of Little Hope, Supermassive Games…

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tales of 25th anniversary

Tales Of Series Celebrates 25th Anniversary With New Merch And Art

The Tales Of Series (i.e. Tales of Berseria, Tales of the Abyss, etc) will celebrate its 25th anniversary this December. In the meantime, the team at Bandai Namco can’t wait…

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Digimon Survive MetalGreymon

Digimon Survive Officially Delayed To 2021 (VIDEO)

It’s been a while since Banda Namco offered a new update on the upcoming tactics RPG Digimon Survive, with the game’s premised exploration of a spiritual new world being front…

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the dark pictures little hope feat

The Dark Pictures: Little Hope Reveals Secrets And Premonitions (VIDEO)

A dreadful past haunts the small and seemingly abandoned town of Little Hope and burdened upon the shoulders of four college students and their professor are remnants of its past…

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Street Fighter V Dan Hibiki

Street Fighter V Reveals Dan Hibiki DLC Gameplay (VIDEO)

Capcom’s Street Fighter franchise has a long list of iconic characters within the fighting genre from Ken and Ryu to Zangief and M.Bison. The latest entry in the franchise Street…

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Tekken Season 4 Kunimitsu II

Tekken 7 Season 4 Includes New Kunimitsu DLC, Netcode Update (VIDEO)

It’s been a little while since Bandai Namco announced new content for Tekken 7, with fans waiting over a month since the fighting game was officially confirmed for a fourth…

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