Sony’s Dog Of War Commercial Brings A Certain Cuteness To God of War’s Chaos (VIDEO)

Sony Dog of War

With the launch of God of War blazing up the PlayStation 4 scene, there are likely to be a few jokes tossed around at the title’s expense. That being said, none may come close to being as hysterical, or adorable, as the Sony Dog of War commercial.

As seen in the Sony Dog of War commercial below, one unfortunate misunderstanding leads to an awkward and hilarious situation. Of course, the expressions as the video ends are priceless and it’s hard to tell if no one has the heart to be blunt with him, or if they’re just speechless from the incomprehensible blunder. Ending on “are you attached to the name” is probably one of the best moments in the commercial by far. If you find yourself a little dazed and confused about the concept, don’t trouble yourself, we’ve got the video to view right here:

For those who may not be in the know about the Sony Dog of War sister game, God of War, here’s a quick refresher. Kratos, having defeated the Greek Gods of Olympus, has retired to the world of the Norse gods with his son Atreus. Monsters roam the landscape while Kratos and Atreus make a joint effort to navigate the world. Meanwhile, the Gods take precautions against Kratos’ chronic rage for fear that their world may go up in smoke.

God of War released today, and while it may lack some of the adorable qualities of the Sony Dog of War commercial, the hype is certainly real. With the game out now, fans can join Kratos as he tries to navigate being a father, while weeding out threats, in what is promising to be the action-packed coming of age story we’ve all been waiting for. All kidding aside, this PlayStation 4 exclusive has been hotly anticipated and is promising a new phase for the franchise that has already proven to be an excellent experience.

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