New World of Warships Trailer Features Steven Seagal (VIDEO)

World of Warships Steven Seagal

Of all of the big action movie stars to arise in the 1980’s and 1990’s, Steven Seagal has definitely had one of the most varied and interesting career trajectories. He started off studying and teaching Aikido, a defensive martial art, in Japan, before coming to America where he unintentionally began acting after giving Aikido instructions to film crews. He then became one of the most popular action movie heroes at the time where Stallone, Schwarzenegger, and Willis were at the height of their careers. He then gradually took time away from acting to focus on outside pursuits (including selling his own line of energy drinks and therapeutic oils, playing guitar on two studio albums and serving as a real Louisiana police officer), before returning to acting in the past few years.

This larger than life spirit Seagal embodies has made him a trustworthy sales pitchman in the public eye. Naturally, his time to join Arnold Schwarzenegger in the world of Free to Play game commercials was nigh. A new commercial for Free to Play game World of Warships features Seagal as the sensei of a secluded Himalayan temple where he trains a weary traveler in Aikido, very much in reflection of Seagal’s real life time as a sensei. The student then introduces Seagal to the World of Warships game, captivating Sensei Seagal in the process.

I tend to not be very invested in Free to Play games, but any game that features the bad guy from Machete can’t be all that bad. We’ve got several people here at DFTG that are obsessed with this title – What do you guys think? Would you give World of Warships a chance? What is your favorite Steven Seagal movie? Let us know in the comments below.

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