Ubisoft Hidden Trailer in Watch Dogs 2 Unmasked as ‘Pioneer’

You may remember last weekend that we showed you what appeared to be a trailer for an upcoming Ubisoft title burred in a Watch Dogs 2 mission. After seeing the video, the internet blew up with rumors over what it could be and some even questioned whether it was real at all. Some Ubisoft sources were questioned on the matter and it turns out that it really is a game in development and the current working title is Pioneer.

The only information that we’ve been given is that the core mechanic in Pioneer is space exploration, so we can only guess as whether this will take the form of a construction game, like Space Engineers, a combat centered title similar to Elite: Dangerous, or an open ended MMO, akin to Eve Online.

Pioneer Station

Regardless of the end goal, it might be quite a while before we get to see a working demo of Pioneer, as the same sources reported that within recent months, many of those on staff who were working on the game had been “replaced”. Originally planned for a 2017 announcement, it’s beginning to look as though it won’t meet that deadline, especially considering concerns over a hostile takeover of Ubisoft by Vivindi entertainment and recent allegations of Ubisoft Montreal executives performing insider trading,

Let us know what you thought of the trailer for Pioneer in the comment section, and keep an eye on DFTG for any more breaking news on the mysterious space exploration game.

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