Snoop Dogg’s Fake Twitch Stream Elicits Hilariously “Blunt” Response From Community

Snoop Dogg Stream

Given gaming’s long quest to attract mainstream attention, one of the biggest signifiers to gamers for accomplishing this feat has been the involvement of celebrities in gaming-related events and activities. One of the most infamous celebrity gamers has been rapper Snoop Dogg, who has not only lent his voice and likeness to popular video games such as True Crime: Streets of LA, but has also exhibited a knowledge of gaming in instances such as a recent video criticizing EA server issues. Now, the 420-friendly rapper has entered the world of livestreaming, but it appears that the Snoop Dogg stream on Twitch has elicited a wide variety of responses from viewers.

Snoop Dogg has posted the recording of his livestream that ran earlier this week on his official Twitch channel, Doggydogg20. The video featured the artist formerly known as Snoop Lion playing SOS, a new Steam game in which 16 players aim to leave a deadly island before being killed. Mr. Dogg, known for being a daily cannabis enthusiast, deemed it on brand for him to partake of a rather large blunt whilst seemingly playing the game like any usual Twitch streamer would and providing commentary in front of a green screen where the game footage would appear on screen. However, many noticed something different about Snoop’s decidedly focused commentary.

It became increasingly clear to the viewers as the stream progressed that the D-O-Double-G was not in fact playing the game, but simply providing commentary for the gameplay controlled by an associate using his username. Commentors responded with critcisms such as “he watching someone while bunning” and “fake news”, while others seemed to still enjoy the presentation with messages like “AHAHAHA BEST STREAMER” and “stoned asf”.

Snoop does indeed acknowledge his lack of control near the end of the stream, and expresses a desire to actually play the game himself on a stream in the future. In the meantime, fans will simply have to wait until The Next Episode. What do you guys think about the Snoop Dogg stream being faked? Let us know in the comments below!

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