Xbox Series X Fridge

Xbox Series X Fridge Is A Real Prize In New Contest

In less than a month, the next generation of video game consoles will be here, with the first big new device to release being the Xbox Series X. This evolution…

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Snoop Dogg Xbox Series X fridge

Snoop Dogg Owns A Real Xbox Series X Fridge (VIDEO)

Though the rapper has seen immense success as a musician, Snoop Dogg is also well-known in the gaming community for his entertaining antics. From his legendary rant about EA servers…

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Spyro the Dragon Drone

Fire-Breathing Spyro The Dragon Drone Exists Solely To Deliver Snoop Dog A Game (VIDEO)

Only a few weeks remain until the Spyro Reignited Trilogy makes its official release. The collection includes remakes of the first three PlayStation games, and is exciting both newer Spyro…

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Snoop Dogg Stream

Snoop Dogg’s Fake Twitch Stream Elicits Hilariously “Blunt” Response From Community

Given gaming’s long quest to attract mainstream attention, one of the biggest signifiers to gamers for accomplishing this feat has been the involvement of celebrities in gaming-related events and activities….

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WATCH: Snoop Dogg Pulls No Punches In Hilarious Rant About EA Servers

The proflific rapper Snoop Dogg is known not only for his music but his love of sports and video games. On multiple occasions he’s taken to social media to throw…

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