Skyrim, Oblivion Composer Reacts to Fans Demanding He Score The Elder Scrolls VI

Elder Scrolls VI

While a game can be good without a musical score, having one can amplify the emotions and flow of any title bringing the adventure to a whole new level. While the Elder Scrolls VI has been announced, there’s no word on a composer for the title yet though many fans are hoping to see the talented Jeremy Soule make a return and work his magic. While the composer does appreciate the support, he has stepped in to address some of these recommendations as well as clarify what fans can expect.

Soule has an impressive background in the music industry and has worked on soundtracks for Skyrim, Oblivion, and Morrowind. It’s no surprise that there are quite a few fans who are hoping to see the composer make a return to the franchise, but some of them are beginning to petition a little too aggressively for his involvement. Soule recently took to social media to confirm that he is currently not involved with the project and politely put down any of the more passionate fans who might want to take matters into their own hands.

It’s hard to imagine that Bethesda wouldn’t use the same composer that they’ve had for the last three Elder Scrolls titles but nothing can be said for certain until the studio themselves says otherwise. On the bright side, it does seem like Soule is definitely willing to work on the project if Bethesda will have him.

With little information to go on, fans are coming up with a plethora of theories about what the game will offer when it releases –  including the game’s setting. While it was believed that the title wouldn’t be arriving anytime soon, a recent report from an analyst hints that the game may be arriving within the year thanks to less than ideal performance of Fallout 76. Personally, we think that’s bullshit, but what do we know? Stranger things have happened …

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