Showtime’s Halo TV Series May Change Character Ethnicities, Other Game Details

Showtime's Halo TV Series May Change Character Ethnicities, Other Game Details

With the recent reveal of the Master Chief Collection all eyes are once again on the popular Halo franchise, which began its life under Bungie and is now being shepherded into the future by 343 Industries. On the television side of things, earlier this year saw the reveal that the upcoming Showtime Halo TV adaptation had changed directors, going from Rupert Wyatt to Black Mirror’s Otto Bathurst. Now, some new information suggests that the TV series may not be sticking too closely to the source material.

The news comes by way of a recent panel at Reboot Develop, wherein 343 Industries’ Executive Producer Kiki Wolfkill at one point opened up about the upcoming Showtime Halo TV series. According to Wolfkill, Showtime has every intention of respecting the canon established by the video games, though it won’t prevent the premium cable company from making some changes here and there. One such change involves the face of Master Chief, which is never seen in the games. According to Wolfkill, this may change for television purposes, as it would make the Spartan easier to relate to.

The producer also suggested that other, smaller details such as locations, dates, and character ethnicities may change depending on a practical need to do so, though at the same time Wolfkill was adamant in stating that the team working on the series “want to respect the fans and what they love about the IP,” so it is likely that there won’t be any major ‘game breaking’ changes.

There is always the risk that some change will displease a portion of the fan base, though at least those working on the series have every intention of staying as true as possible to the video games. The Halo TV series is expected to debut at some point in the future exclusively for Showtime.

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