Halo TV Series Premiere Breaks Paramount Plus Record

Halo TV series premiere

The streaming wars have now gone on long enough for newer services to make strides towards taking down the medium’s originator, Netflix. Many of these services are turning to video game fans to compete, with Amazon greenlighting a big-budget Fallout TV series, and HBO making a live-action adaptation of The Last of Us. ViacomCBS has bet big on their live-action Halo TV series, after years of it being in development limbo and platform changes. Now, as the Halo TV series premiere has arrived, ViacomCBS has confirmed that the premiere has broken a record for the streaming service Paramount Plus.

Halo Television

Deadline has reported news from ViacomCBS about the Halo TV series premiere on Paramount Plus and its viewership. According to the site, the premiere has become the most-watched series premiere on the platform within its first 24 hours of premiering. The previous record-holder was the premiere of Yellowstone spinoff 1883 last December. No specific numbers for the Halo premiere are yet known, but the 1883 premiere saw 4.9 million viewers, so viewership would at least be higher than this number.

Halo Television

While that prequel had the pre-existing Yellowstone connection helping with its success, the Halo TV series premiere, of course, has a fan base that has existed for roughly two decades, and years of hype for the live-action series. The show also enjoyed considerable attention on social media, especially given the premiere’s ending doing something with the Master Chief character that had never been done before. While there is still the full rest of the season of the Halo series to be seen, so far Paramount can consider the series a success for their streaming service. Talk about a Covenant worth keeping.

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