Halo TV Show Heavily Inspired By Game Of Thrones

Halo TV Show Heavily Inspired By Game Of Thrones

Showtime has been developing its planned Halo TV show for a while now and while progress was initially slow-going, recent months have proven much more productive for the Steven Spielberg-produced…

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Four Halo Games to Join Xbox One Backward Compatibility, All DLC Free

Showtime’s Halo TV Series Casts Role of Master Chief

As we’ve several times covered before, 343 Industries’ space-set Halo franchise is gearing up for a full big-budget series adaptation with premium channel Showtime. Pre-production has been been firmly underway…

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Showtime's Halo TV Series May Change Character Ethnicities, Other Game Details

Showtime’s Halo TV Series May Change Character Ethnicities, Other Game Details

With the recent reveal of the Master Chief Collection all eyes are once again on the popular Halo franchise, which began its life under Bungie and is now being shepherded…

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Showtime’s Halo TV Series Confirms Second Showrunner

The Halo franchise has been on a hot streak recently. The coveted Master Chief Collection has finally been announced to be coming to the PC platform and will include Halo…

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Halo TV Series Showtime

Former Showtime Halo TV Series Director Reveals Why He Left

It was revealed earlier this year that Black Mirror’s Otto Bathurst would be taking over the helm for the upcoming Showtime Halo TV series. However, former director Rupert Wyatt has…

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Halo Showtime Series

Halo Showtime Series Reportedly to Begin Filming This Summer

The elusive Halo Showtime series is definitely still in the planning stages, as it has been for quite some time at this point. However, if recent reports are to be…

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VR Halo

Halo Loses Director Rupert Wyatt To Scheduling Conflicts

Showtime announced that Rupert Wyatt would direct their upcoming Halo TV series back in June. Today, the network stated that Wyatt was stepping away from the project due to scheduling conflicts….

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Halo TV Series Will Feature Master Chief, Dr. Halsey

Halo TV Series Will Feature Master Chief And Dr. Halsey

Showtime has been publically underway on a Halo TV series for a while now with quite a few talented creatives joining the ambitious project over the last few months. Recent…

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Showtime's Halo TV Series Will Feature Master Chief In A New Story

Master Chief Confirmed To Be Main Focus In Showtime’s Halo Series

Just a few months ago, premium cable company Showtime announced that it had finally dusted the cobwebs off its Halo TV series and put an order in for 10 episodes….

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Halo Live-Action TV Series Coming To Showtime

Halo Live-Action TV Series Is A “Go” For Showtime, First Details Revealed

It is hard to believe that the long-anticipated live-action Halo TV series has been sitting in Showtime’s closet for 4 years now, though it likely feels like longer for fans…

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