Rick and Morty Promote Alien: Covenant in Short Ad (VIDEO)

Rick and Morty Alien: Covenant

Fans of the Alien franchise are preparing to face off against the terrifying Xenomorphs with the latest addition, Alien: Covenant. Any fan of the series knows that within the sci-fi horror films, there will undoubtedly be nightmare fueling aliens terrorizing an unsuspecting space crew. The ad campaigns for the latest entry has been quite extensive, containing a prologue, various in-film footage, and even an ad for the androids within the film’s universe. How else could they promote the highly anticipated sequel to the prequel? With the stars of popular animated series Rick and Morty, of course.

In a spot that aired on Cartoon Network, Rick and Morty encounter the franchise’s infamous facehuggers. For those unfamiliar with these ghastly creatures, the facehuggers grow in a slimy egg produced by the alien Queen. When they hatch, they “hug” the face of a potential host to deliver the parasitic creature that will grow inside of them, then ultimately burst its way out of the chest of the victim in which it has been growing. As you can see from the ad below, Rick may have found the secret to fending off the spider-like creatures:

In the ad, we learn that not only do the Xenomorphs from the Alien movies exist in the realm of Rick and Morty, but that in order to save yourself from becoming a host, you must “drink all those drugs and alcohol.” I’ll drink to that, but drugs are bad, m’kay. Although there is no direct trailer for Covenant, this still makes for a rather entertaining plug for the new film, which opens on May 19th.

What did you think of the Alien: Covenant and Rick and Morty crossover? Are you anticipating the latest film in the franchise? Let us know in the comments section below. Make sure to never miss out on the hottest and latest news in gaming and entertainment by following the 24/7 DFTG Twitter feed.

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